bible-schoolVacation Bible School is a wonderful opportunity for children to gather and have fun while exploring different bible stories and learning more about Jesus. Each day there is a different bible verse which sets the theme for the whole day. The children gather in the morning for an introduction to the bible verse of the day and they learn a new song. They are then divided into groups and rotate to different “stations” throughout the day. The stations, or activities, all focus on the bible verse of the day. They include a bible story where a leader proclaims and helps them understand the story or many times it is also acted out by the youth of the parish. A craft activity, games that allow the children to get some fresh air while having fun playing theme-based games. There is a snack station with creative snacks that further reinforce the verse of the day. At the end of the day, everyone gathers to reflect on everything they’ve done and learned. The day closes with the song of the day. On the last day of the week, parents and families are invited to share in the closing celebrations.

Families love getting involved in this process. The children have fun and share their adventures with their families. There is always a positive response from all involved.

Comments from parents include:
“My child has grown closer to Jesus and in turn has helped us grow closer to Jesus. Thank you for this wonderful experience!”

“Our entire family got involved with vacation bible school. We listened to the songs and reviewed activities while our child explained the story of the day to us.” We can’t wait to get more involved next year.”

When asked what their favorite part of VBS was, kids answered, “Bible stories”.

Vacation Bible School is not just a summer program for kids, it is an opportunity to get to know Jesus through bible stories and be inspired to be more like him. It is an open door to sharing God’s love with children and adults alike and the opportunity to change their lives forever.

Program Organizers
Rita and John
We have been doing VBS for 6 years, at All Saints and St. Christopher’s Parishes in Toronto. We really believe in this process and are both very excited about it! We’d be more than happy to share any insights, thoughts and ideas. For further information, please contact Rita: or John:

Summer & Year Programs

Vacation Bible Programs are enjoying a revival in many communities. Many churches offer these programs in the summer months.  Week-long programs during the Easter/Spring school break are gaining in popularity. Some churches have an evening program with the whole family.

A common question gets answered: Why doesn’t the Catholic Church organize Summer Bible Study Groups for children in the parish while other faiths provide this service?

Planning must begin early in the year for this program to be successful. Children will love learning how stories were first told and participate in acting out biblical characters such as the story of Moses and the Hebrew people.

Catholic Biblical can provide resources and information session to help your parish begin a one-week program for children during the summer months.  Plan now for your summer 2010 program.