For Christians, the Bible has never just been a book like any other book. It is a book that contains the literary and theological roots of our faith, and it has provided meaning, moral vision and spiritual inspiration to hundreds of millions of Christians around the world for nearly 2000 years.

Today, the Bible—in its many printed forms and online—continues to touch Christians and other spiritual seekers. In times of distress and confusion, people find comfort and strength in the Bible. In moments of joy, its words of praise and celebration eloquently express our own human gratitude. The Scriptures bring people into contact with Jesus, the true Word of God. The Bible changes lives and re-orients people forever.

In this section of our Web site, we invite CBAC members and other visitors to share with us their own positive experiences of the Bible, and how it has made a difference to them, their families and their communities. We are seeking short testimonials (of up to 500 words), or short videos (2 minutes maximum length) which we can consider for future publication on our Web site.

All submitted material will be reviewed by CBAC personnel for appropriateness and relevance; text articles may be edited slightly, where necessary. Visitors who submit their text or video testimonials grant CBAC permission to post and use those materials, without remuneration.

For more information, or to submit your own personal testimony about the Bible in your life, please contact us.