The Catholic Biblical Association of Canada (CBAC) was founded in 1972 in response to a request from the Bishops of Ontario to begin a biblical movement that would encourage English-speaking Catholics to return to the Bible/Scriptures as a main source of spiritual nourishment and growth.  Since that time, the Catholic Biblical Association has endeavored to carry out its mandate by offering a variety of services and programs, including:

  • Bible study programs information/training
  • Journal/Newsletter of biblical reflections
  • Pilgrimages to biblical lands
  • Programs:   Biblical Spirituality Program: Spring/Fall (begun in Fall ’97)
  • Scripture for Children: Summer and Year Programs
  • A Web site that is informative and interactive.

Biblical resources: sale of Bibles, books, audio/video cassettes, bible on Computer/CD-ROM and programs aimed at increasing our familiarity with the biblical  world and rendering the Word more accessible to our every day lives.
We hope that schools, parishes and study groups, as well as individual Catholics, will become more aware of the resources we offer, and our desire to serve.