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testCatholic Biblical Association of Canada welcomes the election of Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio – Pope Francis, Bishop of Rome and leader of the Catholic Church.

The choice of name, Francis, acknowledges the qualities of St. Francis of Assisi, his simple lifestyle and his role as a bridge-builder.  One day, Francis was praying in the little ruined chapel of San Damiano, when the figure of Christ on the Crucifix called out to him…”Francis, go and repair my house,  which as you see is falling into ruin”

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Easter Reflection The Cross of Christ, the Cosmic Tree

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crossThis Tree is my eternal salvation. It is my nourishment and my banquet. Amid its roots I cast my own roots deep: beneath its boughs I grow and expand, revelling in its sigh as in the wind itself. Flying from the burning heat, I have pitched my tent in its shadow, and have found a resting-place of dewy freshness. I flower with its flowers; its fruits bring perfect joy – fruits which have been preserved for me since time’s beginning, and which now I freely eat…    

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Let us pray – Prions – Preghiamo – Lasst uns beten – with our world-wide Catholic family!

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Let us prayPrions Preghiamo Lasst uns beten – with our world-wide Catholic family!

Prayer for Benedict XVI, “Pope Emeritus” or “Roman
Pontiff Emeritus” 

O God, true shepherd of all the faithful, look with kindness on your servant Pope
Benedict XVI, whom you set as head and shepherd of Your Church.

We give you thanks for your grace at work
in him as he had led us by word and example: in his teaching, in his prayer and
in his great love. 
Grant him your strength in frailty, comfort in sorrow, and serenity amid the trials of this world; and guide your Church, built on the rock of Peter, with the power of your Spirit as we continue on the path that leads to you.   Through Christ our Lord.  Amen


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Summer 2012 – The Word is Life News Letter

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As so many icons of Christ demonstrate He Himself is our instructor in Biblical Wisdom. He teaches with authority, serene and steadfast, desiring to impart to his students the life giving word of God. He welcomes all to this “house of study” – Beth Midrash in Hebrew. I remember my admiration for the Hasidic Jews of Montreal whom I used to observe nightly going to meet with their Rabbi to study their holy Torah. Certainly the boy Jesus went customarily to the local synagogue to learn holy writ and 

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Catholic Biblical Pilgrimages in “The Year of Faith” 2013

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Journey of Faith to the Holy Land: Walking with Jesus and Witnessing to Christ
Departure dates: April 08-18 November 06-15 November 20-29
Highlights Bethlehem, Nazareth, Capernaum, Cana, Mt. Tabor, Mt. of Beatitudes and the Sea of Galilee. Renew Baptismal Promises in Jordan River; Jerusalem: Western Wall, Via Dolorosa, Garden of Gethsemane, Holy Sepulchre; Yad Vashem, Ein Kerem: Visitation and John the Baptist Churches. NEW! Evening PowerPoint presentations to prepare pilgrims for sites to be visited the following day.

Download Catholic_Biblical_Pilgrimages_2013

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Best wishes to Cardinal Thomas Collins

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The Catholic Biblical Association of Canada offers congratulations and prayerful best wishes to Cardinal Thomas Collins on his appointment to the College of Cardinals.  Count on our prayers and support as you assume a new leadership role in the Church.  In this time of the New Evangelization and the Year of Faith, may your ministry be sustained with joy and wisdom from the Word of God that you love so passionately.

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Summer novels are fine, but pick up the Bible, too, pope says

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By Catholic News Service

CASTEL GANDOLFO, Italy (CNS) — While there’s nothing wrong with a bit of light reading in the summer, reading a book or two of the Bible also can be a relaxing — as well as enlightening — vacation activity, Pope Benedict XVI said.

“Naturally, many of the books of literature we pick up during vacation are for a diversion, and this is normal,” he said Aug. 3 as he held his weekly general audience in the town square at Castel Gandolfo.

With some 4,500 visitors and pilgrims present for the audience, the gathering was too large to be held in the courtyard of the pope’s summer villa.

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